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Classic Series C803 USB Flash Drive

Pure Black, Back to the Basics

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Slim and sleek, the ADATA C803 USB flash drive charms with its simplistic design and smooth black finish. Epitomizing technological excellence and ingenuity in design, the lightweight and ultra-portable C803 will store a lifelong collection of memories in its vast capacity of 64GB, all in the palm of your hand.


The Ingenious Snap-on Design

The ADATA C803 features sleek curves and a handy snap-on cap holder at the end of the device. After removing the cap, the end of the drive safely stores the cap. Such thoughtful engineering resolves any potential loss or misplacement of the cap, putting you at ease while storing and transferring your files

For Big and Small Data Appetites

Despite it being so slim, the C803 is more than meets the eye, with storage capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB, making it the perfect solution for storing, transporting and sharing your documents, photos, presentation files, videos, music…wherever you go.


Data Transfers Made Simple

The ADATA C803 flash drive includes a USB 2.0 high-speed interface that is also the USB 2.0 backward-compatible with USB 1.1-host computers, affording you seamless access to computers using either the older or the newer 2.0 USB interface.
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